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Year-round Caribbean feeling: hardy palms

19/10/2020 · Autor: VON POLL IMMOBILIEN

Who does not want to do without the exotic Caribbean ambience in winter, does not necessarily have to jump on the nearest plane. With the right plants you bring the tropical vacation atmosphere directly to your home. Especially winter-hardy palms quench wanderlust and offer pure summer mood.

In order for the green friends to survive cold temperatures, however, it also requires correct care and protection. Many reasons speak for an acquisition of hardy palms. The care is not complex. Watering is moderate and the nutrient supply takes over a complete fertilizer, which is administered from spring to midsummer. In summer, the change to potassium-rich fertilizers is advisable.

Furthermore, palms are absolute eye-catchers. The home garden can be designed in a tropical and creative style. It is important to choose the right type of palm tree. For our damp and cold weather in winter, hemp palms are particularly suitable, but also needle palms are well suited for the German climate.

The Trachycarpus fortunei (hemp palm)

The Trachycarpus fortunei (hemp palm)

Originally, the hemp palm comes from Asia. It is distinguished by its imposing, fan-like leaves.Hemp palms can grow planted up to ten meters high, which is why they need sufficient space in the garden.

Older leaves dry out over time and can be removed without problems. In summer, Trachycarpus fortunei decorates itself with opulent, yellow-colored inflorescences.

The Rhapidophyllum hystrix (needle palm)


It originated in the southeastern United States, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida. Characteristic are the fan-shaped leaves and the knitting-needle-like spines on the stem. A leaf head can contain up to 30 leaves.

The needle palm is considered the most frost-hardy palm and is readily planted in German gardens due to its frost resistance of up to -20 °C.


Find out before buying in which winter hardiness zone you live and in which winter hardiness zone the palm has been classified:

  • - The temperature ratings on palm tree information labels apply only to vigorous and mature plants, young plants are much more temperature sensitive.

  • - Planting out should be done in spring, as the palms need the time until winter to take root.

  • - A wind-protected and sunny environment is especially important.

  • - In order to be best advised when purchasing palms, you should only buy from a specialist dealer if possible. This can answer all your questions.

    • - Best chances have your palms if they are raised at your local dealer and already accustomed to the cold.