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Multifunctional furniture: practical even in a small space

14/03/2022 · Autor: VON POLL IMMOBILIEN

The dream property has been found and purchased. Now begins what is actually really fun: furnishing with furniture that matches personal taste and attitude to life. However, if there is only a limited number of square meters available for this, you either need a lot of creativity - or intelligent, space-saving products from furniture manufacturers. Or preferably both.

What is meant by multifunctional furniture?

In this case, one piece of furniture takes on several "tasks", so that less furniture is needed and available space can be used in the best possible way. For many people, the use of multifunctional furniture is a good way to combine creative and space-saving furnishing.

Strictly speaking, however, most furniture of this type is rather bi-functional. So they often allow exactly two different ways of use. We shed light on the topic for you in this article and would like to inspire you, if necessary, to become active yourself in your own (small) four walls.

What awaits you in this article:

  1. You will learn why "Transformer furniture" is becoming increasingly popular.
  2. We introduce different types of versatile furniture.
  3. We inform you when multifunctional furniture is mostly used.
  4. We show you how to make small rooms look bigger.

Classics among multifunctional furniture: bed-sofas and beds with additional storage space

That's why multifunctional furniture for small spaces is increasingly in demand

In big cities, more and more people are living in less and less space. Rising rents and sales prices are also ensuring that people in some regions can afford less living space. The demand for space-saving furnishing concepts is therefore correspondingly high. Designers and furniture makers are therefore increasingly inventing creative solutions in this area.

Furniture and multifunctional: anyone looking for this category on the net will now quickly find what they are looking for. A short conversion, already becomes, for example, from a table a bed. Or a table top can be easily folded down on a shelf-desk combination. Loft beds also offer the option of placing a home office desk underneath.

These types of versatile furniture exist

A "multifunctional classic" is the sofa bed. During the day, it acts as a comfortable seat - and with a few simple steps, it can be transformed into a bed. Often it offers additional storage space in the bed drawer and then even combines three important functions.

Another "classic" are benches with fold-up seats, in which a wide variety of things can be stowed. Also to the variant "dining table multifunctional" can be found in the meantime a lot. Here you can see an example of how something like this - with small shelves and drawers - can look.

More ideas for versatile furniture:

  • - Tables with drawers or 'secret compartment'
  • - fold-up storage cabinets and tables
  • - chairs with integrated magazine holders
  • - furniture elements on casters
  • - modular furniture that can be put together in different ways
  • - tables and cabinets that fold into each other

Fold-up wall cabinets, furniture elements on casters and modular individual pieces that can be combined in different ways are good examples of versatile furniture

Typical uses of flexible, multifunctional furniture

Wherever every inch of space matters, multifunctional furniture can be the practical - and also charming - solution.

They are particularly common in these types of living:

  • - One-bedroom apartments
  • - Business apartments
  • - Attics with sloping ceilings
  • - Student apartments
  • - Shared rooms

In most cases, the same room functions as a bedroom, living room and study in these types of living. Therefore, in addition to multifunctionality, design also plays an important role. Furniture that is immediately seen by visitors and cannot be hidden in the "private" bedroom must make a visual impact. But not only that: space-saving furniture must also match the rest of the interior style. Many designers therefore deliberately keep them in minimalist form.

Apropos: minimalist living in a small living space has become a real lifestyle for some people. Usually this then also goes hand in hand with an environmentally conscious attitude. One sign of this is the steadily increasing demand for "Tiny Houses" - mini houses with a living space of less than 50 square meters. You can learn more about these versatile tiny house designs in one of our next articles.

If you want to build multifunctional furniture yourself, for example for your own tiny apartment, you can find some ideas about it here. And if you are looking for Scandinavian minimalist solutions in the "multifunctional furniture living room" category, here you can find some ideas.

With appropriate cabinets, even slopes under the roof or stairs can be optimally used for storage space, and even tables become small cabinets thanks to integrated cabinet compartments.

Five tips to make rooms look bigger

If you don't just want to buy multifunctional furniture for small rooms, but want to get creative yourself when it comes to furnishing and decorating, we have these tips for you:

  1. Place furniture cleverly. Corner cabinets and shelves are often a good choice. Plan best with the help of a floor plan drawing.
  2. Work with bright colors. This makes rooms appear more spacious.
  3. Create storage space. Take the opportunity on furniture with more storage space. A tidy room always looks bigger.
  4. Hang a wall mirror. This makes the room look bigger.
  5. Use decor sparingly.With two to three highlights you set accents - but the small room does not seem overloaded.

The bottom line: small rooms offer a lot of room for creativity. As a home and apartment owner, nowadays you have many options to furnish with multifunctional furniture to save space. We wish you a lot of fun in the design of your own four walls.

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