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The cold months are coming: Tips for real estate owners

07/10/2020 · Autor: VON POLL IMMOBILIEN

Tips and hints on how to winterize the property

Preparations in the house

Appropriate precautions in the house or apartment can be done mostly on your own and are among the most important measures for a comfortably warm home. Tenants should also check for defects and report the latter to the landlord.
The onset of winter sometimes comes faster than you think. Owners should therefore remember in time to make all the arrangements for this in and around the property.

Doors and windows

Weak points in winter are doors and windows, as they quickly allow cold to enter and warm air to escape. Front doors are also usually insulated, but a regular check of these is nevertheless advantageous, since the insulation and insulation weaken over time.

Hinges should be checked for air tightness and possibly should be readjusted. Gaskets must fit properly as well as be regularly cleaned of dust and dirt

The heating

A basic measure is to check the heating system. The latter should be checked for the following points:

  • Maintenance: To ensure that the system not only works economically, but also works properly, once a year maintenance by a professional is advisable.

  • Ventilating the radiators: Homeowners can do this independently. With the lowest floor is to begin. Warm water can then flow optimally through all pipes and radiators again.

  • Check water pressure: The pipe system of the heating system must be completely filled with water, only then the heat is conducted into the living spaces. Therefore, in each case at the beginning and end of the heating season, the water pressure should be checked, which the respective manufacturer specifies.

  • Clean radiators: Before Scharniegeheizt is, the radiators should be cleaned, because dirty radiators can reduce the heating capacity by up to 30%.

  • Oil heaters: A timely refueling is to be noted and that the fuel oil tanks are not too exposed to the cold. Solar systems:Their function is to be checked regularly.

Bathroom with heating

Proper heating in winter

Living spaces should always have a temperature of at least 17 °C. So that the walls do not cool down and the formation of condensation and mold is avoided, all rooms are to be heated, regardless of the use

Fireplaces, tiled stoves, etc.

The coziness and the feel-good atmosphere of an own fireplace are appreciated by many owners. To ensure that this works properly, once a year a specialist should inspect the fireplace or stove and clean if necessary.
Properly adjusted and clean combustion stoves minimize CO2 emissions and save energy. With the purchase of fuel, such as wood, pellets or alternative fuels should best be started as early as possible.

Tip: During the summer months, the heating material is particularly cheap.

The Roof

With the ever-changing weather, the roof is especially susceptible to damage in the winter. However, thunderstorms and hailstorms can also damage the roof in the summer, so it should be checked in time and especially regularly before the onset of winter.

Homeowners are required to have the roof checked regularly by a professional. Falling tiles, stones or shingles bring a great danger.

This is particularly important to pay attention to in winter:

  • Snow load: Especially in snowy regions, it is important that owners know the maximum load capacity of the roof. Because there the roof can be particularly strongly loaded in winter.

  • Rain gutter: It is particularly important to free the rain gutter regularly from leaves and other dirt. The downspouts, in particular, must be cleared so that the water does not overflow or cause ice to build up in cold weather.