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27/05/2021 · Autor: VON POLL IMMOBILIEN

We reveal how you can bring the vacation feeling of Italy, Morocco and Greece into your own 4 walls

Benvenuti in italia!

The Amalfi Coast is considered one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the world. The Italian paradise with its countless lemon and orange groves, impressive rock faces and picturesque little towns like Positano enchants countless visitors every year. Colorful houses, narrow streets with cozy cafes and small boutiques paired with the sensational view of the sea and the surrounding nature - the Amalfi Coast conveys Mediterranean lifestyle. With these accessories you get the Italian flair in your own four walls.

Benvenuti in Italia - Bring the Italian flair into your own four walls with these accessories

1) Radio 'Revival iStream3' by Roberts, approx. 299€ ● 2) Beach racket set 'Trancoso' by Frescobal Carioca, ca. 200€ 3) Beach towel by Business & Pleasure Co. via RAUM Concept Store, ca. 59€ ● 4) Sofa 'Amalfi' by Smania, price on request ● 5) Calamondinorange '65cm' by botanicly, ca. 46,95€ ● 6) Box with lid 'Indigo blue' by Lene Bjerre, ca. 49,90€ ● 7) Champagne cup 'Sip of Gold' by Sieger by Fürstenberg via RAUM concept Store, ca. 149€

The fairy tale city of Marrakech

A city like from the Thousand and One Nights - Marrakech with its colorful markets, magnificent gardens and exotic dishes. Hidden in the narrow streets of the city center are beautiful little riads, traditional homes with gardens in the courtyard. They are the quiet counterpart to the adventurous Marrakech. Mosaic decorated walls, abundant green plants, splashing fountains and the scent of sweet tea provide sufficient relaxation here.

The fairytale city of Marrakech - accessories for your vacation at home

1) Teapot "Elihan" from, ca. 29,95€ ● 2) Mosaic table "Estrella" from, ca. 344 € 3) Carpet "Feike" from, ca. 139 € ● 4) Box "Miya" by Lene Bjerre, ca. 25,50€ ● 5) Tajine by Emile Henry via KochForm, ca. 89,90€ ● 6) Daybed "Tréguier" by Loberon, ca. 1,298 € ● 7) Pouf "Rachel" by domkapa, price on request

Trendy island of Mykonos

Gleaming white houses with doors and windows in intense blue, gorgeous bays, crystal clear water and hip beach clubs - all this comes to mind when you think of the land of the gods. The Cycladic island of Mykonos is considered a hotspot among the Greek islands and combines exactly that. In addition to its breathtaking nature and exclusive nightlife, the trendy island also convinces with its numerous design hotels. With these pieces of furniture and accessories you give their interior that certain Greece feeling.

Trend island Mykonos - with these pieces of furniture and accessories you give their interior that certain Greece feeling

1) Plate set "Baita" by, ca. 25,99 € ● 2) Stool "Edgard" by, ca. 89 € ● 3) Pendant lamp by Bloomingville via Lagoon, ca. 240€ ● 4) Blanket by Lene Bjerre, ca. 135 € ● 5) Floor vase "Drop" by HD Collection via, ca. 74,99 € ● 6) Picture book "Mykonos Muse" by Assouline via, ca. 95 € ● 7) Lounge chair "Derby" by, ca. 404 €

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