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Our exclusive Master Franchise Partners are successful because they know their particular country, the people living there and their mentalities extremely well, and have excellent knowledge of the market. They perform the classical task of a franchisee with the special right to issue further sub-licences in their country and their region. As individuals with exceptional communication and sales talents, investors with leadership and sales experience, they direct their entrepreneurial approach towards setting up and expanding a country-wide sales network as well as supporting the sub-franchise partners.

Hereby, Master Franchise Partners also benefit from the infrastructure of the VON POLL REAL ESTATE company that has evolved over time, and with more than 350 shops and over 1.500 employees ranks amongst the largest brokerages in Europe. Our Partners can provide their customers with the best possible assistance: through the VPI Marketing world with sound marketing activities, presence in the social media and PR as well as a proven shop concept and a CRM system. VON POLL REAL ESTATE assumes a forerunner role with its training academy, which with its extensive continuing education and training program has the aim of further developing the employees and brokers skills and maintaining their specialised knowledge at a consistently high level.


  • "We know the market, and we know what we want."

    Elisabeth van Zijverden, Marie Christine Lodewijk, Joan Dik

    Franchise Partners

    VON POLL REAL ESTATE Amsterdam, Netherlands

    VON POLL REAL ESTATE Amsterdam, Niederlande

    "Our recipe for success: Italian temperament and German know-how."

    Silvia Schiavo and Luciano Zanini

    Franchise Partners

    VON POLL REAL ESTATE Vicenza, Italy

    VON POLL REAL ESTATE Vicenza, Italien

    „The Swiss set great store by excellent market knowledge and the highest level of discretion.“

    Stefan B. Pfistner

    Master Franchise Partner

    VON POLL REAL ESTATE Switzerland


  • Etabliertes Markteintrittssystem

    Strong market concepts

    Exklusive Markenvorteile

    Exclusive brand image

    Kontinuierliches Coaching

    Continuous coaching

    Europaweites Netzwerk

    International network

    Umfassende Zusammenarbeit


    Innovative Immobilienvermarktung

    Innovative tools and technology




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