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Spring awakening: Now get balconies, terraces and gardens out of hibernation

07/04/2021 · Autor: VON POLL IMMOBILIEN

Spring sends its first harbingers and brings life back into gardens and onto balconies.

After a winter with partly magical snow landscapes, it is now time to make the property fit again for the new season. The VON POLL IMMOBILIEN checklist with helpful tips for well-kept outdoor spaces and inviting terraces facilitates a fresh start to spring.

"A look at the past year shows that outdoor spaces have become more attractive than ever," says Beata von Poll, member of the management team at VON POLL IMMOBILIEN. "The demand for properties that can inspire with these benefits are currently high. For sellers, spring is thus the best time of year to offer condominiums or homes on the market. An all-around check of the exteriors should therefore not be forgotten now."

Cleaning TerraceAt first glance: Cleaning outdoor areas

First impressions count. Outdoor areas are the calling card for properties. They should make an impression on visitors and prospective buyers as soon as they enter the property. This includes not only cleaning facades or the window sills and frames, but also taking care of patio floors and walkways.

In many cases, the use of high-pressure cleaners suitable for weather-resistant materials helps. For delicate materials, the advice of a professional helps to apply the appropriate cleaning. Apartment owners with balconies should also give the outdoor surface a thorough cleaning, bringing small oases back to life.

Garden hose sprays waterWater march: flush garden pipes

To avoid germ infestation or the formation of bacteria, garden pipes must be properly flushed before their first use after winter. This is especially recommended for older properties with external water connections. Deposits or residues could cause long-term damage to lawns or flower beds if in doubt.

Undichte places can be recognized - also in with difficulty accessible ranges - fast: If the water meter continues to run even when the tap is closed, a leak is very likely. Quick action can protect against major water damage and reduce unnecessarily high maintenance costs.

Terrace with couch setGreat stage: a domicile for relaxing

After cleaning outdoor surfaces and intensive garden maintenance, the finishing touches follow. To enjoy the first rays of sunshine to the fullest, cozy garden furniture and a discreet outdoor decoration provide the right ambience. Basically applies: Gentle color accents and purposefully used decoration provide for rest and relaxation.

"Lovingly furnished terraces and well-kept gardens create a positive feeling of care and appreciation," explains the real estate expert of VON POLL IMMOBILIEN. "By the selection of certain materials, the use of decorative elements and consciously placed light sources, outdoor areas become a big stage.

A few simple steps lead to great impression, which visually inspires and activates the feel-good mode. For all, which play with the thought to sell their real estate now, an effective procedure, in order to set the object effectively for prospective customers in scene."


Now do not hesitate, but use the first spring days and be motivated by the rising temperatures. Who wants to free own green spaces and outdoor areas from the last winter traces, can already start now. The sooner terraces and gardens shine again brightly and friendly, the more invitingly presents itself the personal place for well-being.