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What is suburbanization: what it is about

05/12/2021 · Autor: VON POLL IMMOBILIEN

The United Nations estimates that around 60% of the world's population will live in cities by 2030. The expansion of cities is therefore already in full swing, and corresponding examples of urbanization can now be found almost all over the world. Here you can find more information on this.

Nevertheless, there have been clear signs for many years that people in our climes are increasingly being drawn to rural communities. From a Landflucht became above all in the metropolitan surrounding countryside a regular "Landlust". A development that changes the framework conditions for both property owners and property seekers.

The more important it is from our point of view that we highlight the trend of suburbanization for you.

What awaits you in this article:

  1. You learn what suburbanization means.
  2. You get to know relevant causes for this development.
  3. You get an outlook on the consequences of suburbanization.

Suburbanization definition: insights into an urban-rural phenomenon

In essence, the term "suburbanization" describes the process of a shift - and indeed of urban inhabitants* from the core city to the suburban hinterland. This can be suburbs, rural communities close to the city, or new settlements on the outskirts of the city.

As this increases demand for services in the surrounding area, more services from the tertiary sector are created locally, for example hairdressing salons, medical practices and law firms.

Three things to note about suburbanization:

  1. The trends of urbanization and suburbanization often alternate.As local conditions change, so do people's preferences. A good labor market situation and transport links in the surrounding area, as well as a high level of rents in major cities thereby dynamize, for example, the process of suburbanization, as we are currently recording in 2021. A development that will continue in 2022 according to our estimates.
  2. Suburbanization leaves its mark on the real estate market. Real estate owners* and seekers face changed prices and availabilities in view of this trend. The supply in rural areas will be scarcer in suburbanization times like these, accordingly, the prices there will also rise. Exactly the opposite development (falling prices, greater supply) would be recorded if more people were drawn to the city.
  3. There are regional differences.While, for example, villages in the environs of major cities currently have a great appeal, entire regions suffer massively from rural exodus, especially in the new federal states. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at the causes of suburbanization.

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Suburbanization - a global trend

City flight instead of country flight: Three reasons are in the foreground

When asking why the phenomenon exists, one mostly comes across the following three suburbanization reasons:

  1. Building and living is usually cheaper in the urban hinterland.There is more available space and land prices are usually lower - this makes it easier especially for young families to fulfill their desire of owning a home there. Just contact your local VON POLL IMMOBILIEN experts. We will be happy to sound out the market for you.
  2. People appreciate the tranquility of country life. Outside of major cities, the population density is lower and you have in the true sense of the word more free space.
  3. Especially when children are planned - or are already there - a move to the rural gladly moves into focus. Nature, clean country air and short distances for leisure activities, accompanied by a wide range of ecological local supply, make rural regions particularly attractive for parents, who want to offer children a natural environment.

The rising prices in the cities have particularly forced this effect. For people, it has since seemed even more appealing to live in rural areas and work in the city. New home office options have created an organizational space in this period that now makes more flexible living models possible.

Driving to the city for work once or twice a week - in exchange for anidyllic cottage in the countryside: this concept is becoming increasingly popular, especially among younger families, while on the other hand the generation of best agers is also increasingly fulfilling the long-cherished dream of owning their own home in a quieter and scenic location.

Families in particular prefer to see the city on the horizon instead of living directly in it

Consequences of suburbanization: what the new Landlust means for cities and their surrounding areas

Whether urbanization or suburbanization, both trends always bring challenges. If more and more people - especially singles, students and migrants - move to the city, housing becomes scarcer and rents rise.

If the trend goes in the other direction, cities lose tax revenue, jobs migrate to the urban hinterland, and vacant housing can result. Not to mention the environmental factor: if more people move to the urban hinterland, more CO2 emissions will also be produced because longer distances have to be covered by car. Here you can learn more about the connection between CO2 emissions and climate change.

Conclusion: Like almost every market, the real estate market is also based on people's needs. In this case, the current suburbanization trend corresponds to the currently strong desires for workplace flexibility, open space and nature. For real estate owners as well as for real estate seekers this means to perceive new general conditions and to use the local possibilities in the best possible way on the basis of personal wishes. We are very happy to support you in this: simply get in touch with us.

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