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A house in the country: life model with many facets

21/12/2021 · Autor: VON POLL IMMOBILIEN

Whether cottage in the countryside or urban city apartment: A real estate purchase - if not made as a pure investment - is always also the expression of a personal attitude to life. Living in the country or in the city? Both have their advantages. On the one hand, the pulsating hustle and bustle of metropolises and the proximity to a wide range of cultural and recreational opportunities beckon. On the other hand, country lovers enjoy the tranquility of nature and family togetherness - two good arguments, for example, to rent or buy a farmhouse.

Who rather longs for fresh country air and therefore thinks about the acquisition of a small house in the countryside, may dive directly into this scenario in this article.

What awaits you in this article:

  1. We describe for you the advantages of country life and the acquisition of a house in the countryside.
  2. You get tips on what to look for when buying a country property.

Rural areas are characterized by a lot of greenery and mostly also scenic expanse

Buy a house in the country: that speaks for it

Buy an old farmhouse or farm. Restore it lovingly. Escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and start a new life in the country. The children - and later the grandchildren - play in the large garden or in the nearby nature reserve. The only sound on your own spacious property is birds chirping. The cozy TV evening takes place with flickering fireplace...

This is a deliberately somewhat pointed description, but in many conversations with people interested in real estate we hear of such scenarios, when it comes to fulfill the dream of living far away from the big city.

Firmly stands: Real estate in the countryside is becoming increasingly popular in many regions and there has been a development from the city out to the countryside for several years. Read to this also gladly our article to the topic "Suburbanization". Especially for families and people with home office and hybrid work models, it can be an attractive option to buy or even rent a house in the countryside.

Typical advantages of a property in the countryside:

  • - The properties tend to be larger and therefore often offer space for generous garden areas, garages or carports.
  • - More space around the house also means more privacy.
  • - The alternative aspects of village life and quickly accessible recreational areas offer a high quality of life.
  • - You know each other, you help each other. Many appreciate the active, social togetherness of a village community.
  • - Especially for families with children, the lower traffic volume in a rural environment is a big plus.

Germany map - Overview of purchase prices for single-family houses and two-family houses - metropolitan regions and rural regions in comparison

The more rural, the cheaper - information on the market situation in Germany

Although living in the countryside is becoming increasingly popular, the sales prices for a house in rural regions are still below the price level in metropolitan areas. The above map of Germany (as of 2020; source: VON POLL IMMOBILIEN Market Report 2021/22 Residential Real Estate Germany) shows: The further away one moves from the German metropolitan regions of Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Leipzig and Düsseldorf, the lower the average sales price for detached and semi-detached houses was at the time of the survey (the lighter a region on the map, the cheaper).

A fact selection on the subject of real estate price comparison between city and country:

  • - In some cases, the prices for detached and semi-detached houses in metropolitan areas are up to four times higher than in rural areas.
  • - Due to the increase in home office working time models, the demand for real estate in the urban hinterland has risen sharply in some regions.
  • - In the previously cheapest counties outside major cities, there were in 2020 in some cases price increases of up to about 42 percent.

Who wants to know where in the surrounding area of Germany's major metropolises a still relatively moderate price level prevails, can find information worth knowing in our in-depth technical articles:

If you would like to find out about market prices in your preferred rural region, you are welcome to contact us personally. We will be happy to assist you in finding the right country house in the countryside for you.

Forests, lakes, extensive green meadows: Local recreation in the countryside is literally ... nah

Important purchase criteria for a property in the country

Real estate in the country is not equal to real estate in the country; depending on the specific region, infrastructure, location and local amenities differ in part significantly from each other. Before you decide, you should therefore familiarize yourself with the specific (residential) situation on the ground and tap it on your personal list of criteria. What are the typical criteria, we have for you directly a list ready.

These framework conditions can speak for or against a property in the country:

  • - current status and planned expansion of public transport
  • - transport links to nearby metropolitan areas and to the workplace
  • - medical infrastructure (doctors and hospitals)
  • - quality of Internet reception; offered maximum Mbit bandwidth
  • - supply possibilities (supermarkets, weekly markets, drugstores, gas stations)
  • - offer of educational facilities (daycare centers, elementary schools, secondary schools)
  • - labor market situation in the region
  • - income structure in the community

Whether you are planning to buy a country house, a farmhouse or a plot in the countryside: We recommend paying particular attention to whether the local transport infrastructure meets your individual requirements.

Those who move to the country are often rewarded with a picturesque setting that simply can

Local rural infrastructure: an often important basis for decision

When it comes to infrastructure, there are a number of points that can speak for or against a rural area, depending on your perspective.

This possibly speaks against living in the country: There could be, for example, further travel distances to supermarkets or shopping centers, which make the purchase of a (second) car necessarily. Not always the connection to public transport is optimal, which can affect the way to work or school. Sometimes the increasingly dense supply of fast delivery services in cities is also something you might miss, especially since the assortment of local supermarkets may be narrower.

On the other hand, life outside metropolitan areas undoubtedly offers advantages: The transport and supply situation often has very special advantages in the countryside: Food in organic quality, for example, could be waiting for you directly in the nearby organic farm. Instead of relying on large chain stores, you may meet traditional craftsmen locally for exactly your needs. Less traffic allows children a greater range of motion, allows for playing in front of the house, casual biking and walking. Rarely is finding parking a problem. And because a village likes to think of itself as a community, the attitude of "everyone helps everyone" can easily make up for many perceived supply disadvantages.

Life in the country offers many advantages and usually offers more favorable real estate prices - best prospects for all who want to move from the city to the countryside

Total: The decision for or against a country house is up to you

It counts here, as so often, to inform yourself about circumstances such as those mentioned in advance and then decide whether they correspond to your personal idea of life in the country. A house in the country does not have to be for everyone the gold-right life plan - but offers without question many advantages, which we could hopefully bring closer to you with this article.

Finally, an additional tip if you are planning the acquisition of an old farmhouse: for necessary conversion and renovation work, there is the possibility to get funding from the monument preservation. Here you can find out more.