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VR glasses: Virtual reality as added value in real estate sales



Durmus Avci

Head of Digital Products & Innovations

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Virtual worlds fascinate people and provide a high degree of emotionalization. This also opens up new opportunities for you as a real estate owner: By offering a digital 360-degree tour of your property, you can provide prospective buyers with an important experience factor and at the same time increase your chances of success when selling. In this article, you will learn more about how virtual reality glasses work, and we will also show the advantages for you.

VR glasses for smartphones: how they work - what they can do

Sophisticated 'VR glasses' that allow users to immerse themselves in virtual realities have already been on the market since around 2016. The simplest version of VR glasses is basically a form of cell phone mount without any electronics, so that the smartphone is fixed at the right distance from the eyes. 'Real' VR glasses, on the other hand, are worn like goggles, although there are also models in the form of a helmet with a visor in front of the eyes. Via a Bluetooth connection, VR goggles and smartphone are networked with each other and the virtual journey into your property can begin easily and comfortably for your prospective buyers.

This is how the whole thing works technically: via 'motion tracking', the movements and via 'head tracking', the viewing directions and head inclinations of the user are recorded. Software and a corresponding VR app are then used to transfer both sets of data into the virtual space so that the user - in this case the prospective buyer - can walk through your property.

The more precise and technologically sophisticated these two functions are, the more intense the virtual experience. As an owner, you can be sure of this: When using virtual reality 3D glasses, the virtual image of your property is almost as realistic for prospective buyers as if they were on-site with you.

Oculus Rift VR goggles and accessories

Property viewing via VR goggles: our concrete offer for owners

VON POLL IMMOBILIEN supports you in providing your prospective buyers with virtual viewings via VR goggles. Our experience shows quite clearly: both sides appreciate this innovative marketing offer very much. Incidentally, a current Bitkom study comes to the same conclusion, according to which house tours are already an option for every second prospective buyer.

We offer the following services around the topic 'VR glasses':

  1. If your prospect is already in possession of VR glasses - such as an 'Oculus' - he can start the virtual tour with us.
  2. We invite interested parties to the nearest VON POLL IMMOBILIEN store, so that on site - if desired, even several - properties can be viewed virtually.
  3. As a seller of premium real estate, we offer you a range of exclusive services. Among other things, we also send your prospective buyers VR glasses by mail on request, so that the 360-degree tour can be designed flexibly. Where you are during the virtual tour, when it will be conducted, how long it will last and how often it will be repeated: All these components can be determined quite flexibly by the prospective buyer himself.

As a further service, we offer that brokers from the VON POLL IMMOBILIEN team switch live in virtual tours to answer questions or advise on specific points. After the virtual tour, it is also possible to make a live viewing appointment online.

3 examples of VR glasses in use

VR marketing: your benefits as a property owner

By offering a virtual tour, you as an owner can present your property in a way that sets your listing apart from others. They offer a certain entertainment factor as an 'encore', so to speak. In addition, you benefit from these advantages:

  • Greater sales opportunities. You expand your target group potential, since virtual tours also address people who, on the one hand, live further away from you and, on the other hand, get excited about interactive and innovative marketing technologies with a high experience factor.
  • Higher viewing efficiency. You reduce the number of 'unnecessary' viewings of your property, as many prospective buyers can get an accurate picture in advance with a view to the details.
  • Timely offer. Virtual viewings are a good opportunity for many people to hold the property search in the first step contactless. In addition: as an owner, you also protect the environment with this service, since journeys to a live inspection are avoided.

Total: the special experience for prospective buyers

Virtual 360-degree tours via VR glasses go far beyond classic '3D tours' and offer owners and prospective buyers many added values around the sale of a property. Feel free to contact your regional VON POLL IMMOBILIEN agent here if you would like to send your prospective buyers VR glasses, for example, or if you would like us to advise you on innovative marketing channels.

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