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Owner customer portal: in-depth knowledge about your property



Wolfram Gast

Chief Digital Officer

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Whoever owns a property is sooner or later faced with the question of what their property is worth. Regardless of whether there is a specific intention to sell, it is good to know what the current market price is. Although there are many free real estate value calculators on the Internet for this purpose, the end result is usually just a figure that leaves many questions unanswered for you as the owner.

As a holistic partner for real estate transactions, we would like to offer you full transparency regarding the asset value of your property instead. On our Service Portal for Owners you will receive relevant knowledge about your property, so that you become an adept connoisseur of your own property. This offer of a comprehensive real estate analysis sets new standards on the market and already inspires thousands of customers.

Determine your property value with the help of the latest technology

When you have your house or apartment evaluated on our portal, you can expect a comprehensive digital real estate analysis and market price assessment. Almost all influencing factors are taken into account and both historical and daily statistical data are included. Specifically, it is specifically filtered data points from a huge pool of information that consumers, companies and the public sector publish on a voluntary basis.

What kind of data are we talking about here? The fundamental core is still information on the year of construction, size and location. In addition come in the meantime however a multiplicity of further basic conditions such as: Infrastructure, connection to public transport, construction projects in the vicinity, nearby tourist destinations, the level of ambient noise or socio-economic and geographical characteristics. A quantity of data that is quite incomprehensible to humans, which is translated by clever algorithms into an understandable number: the estimated market value of your property.

Digital home: these services we offer you as a real estate owner

If you enter the key data of your own property here, you will benefit several times over. We have listed a selection of our owner services for you here:

  • Realistic market price assessment. Just a few key data are enough and you will receive from us quickly and easily an initial indication of how much your house or apartment is worth. Even several properties can be deposited in the digital owner service by you. This gives you maximum transparency for your real estate portfolio and keeps you informed with quarterly updates from now on.
  • Universal availability. Whether via your internet browser or via app on your tablet or smartphone: your data is always available to you exactly where you need it.
  • Insight into value developments. Charts based on Big Data Analytics show you the value development of your property in the past, present and future.
  • Average marketing duration. You will receive a forecast from us on how long similar properties have been actively marketed on the real estate exchanges. This gives you an initial indication of the marketing process for your property.
  • Relevant additional information. We have analyzed the surrounding area and infrastructure (including schools, daycare centers, shopping facilities) as well as socio-economic (including population figures, education level) and geographical conditions (location, existing recreational areas) around your property for you in detail. Based on this information, you can get an even clearer picture of the attractiveness of the location or micro-location.
  • Practical investment calculator. You can easily determine what positive impact, for example, the renovation of your kitchen or the replacement of windows on the value of your property. Thus, better investment decisions can be made in the future.
  • Interesting comparison offers. On our portal, you will be shown similar properties in your area that are currently for sale. In direct comparison, it is easier for you to develop an initial feeling for the current market prices.
  • Ongoing updates. The underlying market data is reviewed by us at regular intervals, so you always have an up-to-date assessment of the market price. For new relevant information about your property, you will receive proactive notification by e-mail from us.
  • Up-to-date market reports. For numerous cities and regions within Germany, current data and statistical evaluations are available for download. Among other things, you will learn more about purchase and rental prices, housing and construction trends and also receive information about transactions on your regional real estate market.
  • Your direct line to us. You have questions about the service portal or would like a personal conversation about your property? You can always quickly and directly make an appointment with the VON POLL IMMOBILIEN experts - as desired by phone or video call.


Conclusion: With the service portal of VON POLL IMMOBILIEN owners get all the relevant information at hand, which you need to know about your own property. In addition, here on our customer portal, we offer you the opportunity to commission an in-depth, personal valuation by our surveyors and experts.


Benefit now from our free online property valuation or feel free to contact us for a personal consultation at any time via our contact form or by phone via +49 69 26 91 57-0


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