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Virtual tour: Real estate as a digital experience for your prospects



Wolfram Gast

Chief Digital Officer

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Virtual reality and 3D technologies have already set new exciting impulses in many areas of life. For real estate marketing, too, this results in additional dimensions of experience in the form of virtual 360-degree tours, which open up new possibilities for you as the owner as well as for your prospective buyers.

A virtual tour is a useful addition to the 'classic' walk-through. For you as an owner, it is a complementary innovative element of your customized marketing concept, because it allows your prospects to gain a first impression of your property early, time-saving, uncomplicated and environmentally friendly.

In this article, we give an overview of the other advantages and show you how virtual tours work.


360-degree tours of real estate: the advantages at a glance

Less time spent. Planning, scheduling and implementation are easier than with live inspections, on top of which the travel distances are eliminated - this saves valuable time for all involved. Additional advantage for you as an owner: If the sales object can also be explored virtually, this means less public traffic at your site.

More efficiency and convenience for your prospects. The on-site visit of potential purchase objects, prospective buyers must organize outside their working hours. A virtual tour, on the other hand, can take place at any time online and at any location. In addition, it can easily be carried out with family or friends and repeated as often as desired without additional appointments.

Widened target groups. With the digital presentation method, you create new dimensions of experience and thus open up new target group potential. This applies not least to buyers and investors from more distant regions or abroad.

High professionalism. Offering digital tours is a contemporary and attractive way to present your own property. With VON POLL IMMOBILIEN at your side, you too can effortlessly take advantage of this modern technology: our digitally trained experts will be happy to handle the complete creation and implementation for you.


Source: matterport.com

How virtual property tours work

At the beginning - for example, with a corresponding app on a modern smartphone - first a 'digital image' of your sales object is created. During the scanning process, the latest 360-degree and 3D recording technology is used: each room is scanned individually and then converted into a three-dimensional data model in which prospective buyers can later move around freely.

Our consultants are very familiar with the creation process and the implementation of virtual property tours and will be happy to take over all the necessary steps for you. Of course, VON POLL IMMOBILIEN is also well equipped with the appropriate technology. For example, our professionals need just 90 minutes for the on-site scanning process. If you consult us, you are left (as with an on-site inspection) as an effort only to bring your sales object in a representative condition.

How to make your property fit for the virtual walk-through:

  • - Clean up and lock away sensitive documents and precious valuables.
  • - Do not leave private items or clothing lying around.
  • - Open the shutters or curtains for the best possible, friendly daylight.


The virtual tour experience for your prospects

For your prospects, the tour is very simple: all that is needed for a virtual property tour is an Internet-enabled device with a suitable app or a standard browser, i.e. a tablet, smartphone or even desktop computer. The images of your property captured by the camera are then transmitted to this device, and as a rule the user has the option of using touch, mouse pointer or direct cell phone movement to move around and look at the rooms. The controls are as intuitive as possible and can therefore be immediately understood even by laypeople and users with little computer experience.

Per 'virtual reality glasses,' this digital tour can then be made to feel even more real if desired - here you can learn more about this possibility.


Conclusion: Virtual real estate tours offer owners as well as prospective buyers important advantages and new dimensions of experience in the sales process. VON POLL IMMOBILIEN is happy to support you in your project to create 360-degree tours of your house or apartment for your prospective buyers. We work together with proven and excellent specialists in this field.


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