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You want to buy a house? VON POLL IMMOBILIEN will be happy to advise you on the best locations. As your competent advisor around the purchase of a house, we are happy to be there for you.


Here you will find the overview of all houses that are currently offered for sale through our brokerage house. Simply go through our offers or readjust if necessary gladly the filter on the left side. Of course, our experts are also directly available for you - feel free to contact us personally or give us a call.

Buying a house with VON POLL IMMOBILIEN

Whether as a capital investment or for private use - buying a house and being its owner is still the wish of many people today. The own real estate offers decision and organization liberty, protection against rising rents and is a good financial investment for the age.

Who plays with the thought to buy a house, should define the own desires and conceptions most exactly. Hardly an event in the life is so directional as the purchase of own house. After all, for many people it is about the biggest investment of their lives.

If you want to buy a house and need professional help in finding the right property or suitable financing, our VON POLL IMMOBILIEN brokers are your trusted partner. We accompany you step by step in your search for the right house to buy, so that you can move into your new home quickly and easily.

The excellent networking of our Europe-wide locations as well as short and uncomplicated communication channels give our customers access to a multi-faceted selection of exclusive real estate offers.

Using our online form, you can contact us quickly and easily and lay the foundation for your house purchase with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Faster and more successful home buying

We would like to support you in making your search for a new home as targeted and efficient as possible - and have therefore compiled valuable tips for your real estate search.

A large number of exclusive houses are sold to preregistered search customers - create your search profile now and learn about new real estate offers early.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a suitable property?

If you are looking for a property, you have come to the right place. For you, we have numerous innovative digital services that support you in the search for your apartment, house or villa.

In order for this to be successful, you should define your wishes and ideas in detail. The lower the requirements, the greater the likelihood of finding a suitable property in the desired period. Here it depends among other things on the fact that you set priorities with your desires and determine if necessary, in which points you would compromise. You should show flexibility especially in the equipment, because this can still be adapted. On the other hand, the location can not be changed and the search radius should be precisely defined, so that, for example, work routes are not too long, schools are easily accessible and the infrastructure is as desired.

In addition, the financial framework is also essential. This must be precisely defined. So that you can prove your creditworthiness to the seller and have a head start over other prospective buyers, we recommend to have a so-called mortgage certificate. We will be happy to put you in touch with our colleagues at VON POLL FINANCE. Real estate and financing - with us you get everything from one house.

How does the real estate search at VON POLL IMMOBILIEN work?

At VON POLL IMMOBILIEN, you can flexibly adapt your search to your search preferences:

Intuitive search mask with numerous filter options

Apply a personal search request with your key data and the zip code to your desired property to get results for specific regions displayed. You can narrow down your search request with numerous filter options. This is saved in your user profile and can be changed or deleted at any time.

Notifications - always receive up-to-the-minute offers

Quickness pays off. VON POLL IMMOBILIEN offers an automatic search assistant that immediately informs you by e-mail as soon as new properties are available. You decide how often you want to be informed about new offers.

Memorize and save

Save your individual search criteria in your profile. Keep track of your already contacted and saved objects in your personal notepad. With our "Share function" you can easily show and suggest their bookmarked properties to third parties.

Online appointment

Accommodate an appointment at short notice. With our online appointment system, you can make a consultation appointment with your local real estate agent or financing advisor seven days a week, around the clock. Fast, easy and secure with a certain edge.

What should you pay attention to before the viewing appointment?

Even before the viewing appointment, you should consider some aspects regarding the surroundings and the infrastructure. You can find all the answers to the following questions in our digital customer portal:

Is there sufficient public transport available?

How are the transport connections by car?

What shopping facilities are in the immediate vicinity?

What about sports, leisure and recreation facilities?

Does the neighborhood suit me/my family?

What kindergartens and schools are nearby?

Are there enough parking facilities in the area?

What to consider at the viewing appointment?

The viewing appointment is one of the most important moments in your plan to purchase a property. Here you experience as a potential owner for the first time the property.

Following points you can clarify or check at the viewing appointment:

year of construction of the house

substance at first sight

heating technology and age of the heating system

age and condition of the windows and glazing (Tip: Usually the year of manufacture is noted on the inside of the window glazing).

Condition of floors

Usability of basement (Hint: water marks may indicate moisture problems, as may rust or discoloration on water and gas lines).

Determinations in the development plan

Facing of the property, especially if there is a gardenHouse

Passage or windowless rooms

Affected by sloping roofs in rooms


Size of cloakroom/hallway

What should you look for in an energy certificate?

The energy certificate is an official document that contains the data of a building in terms of energy consumption. During the inspection, the energy certificate of the house should be presented by the owner and checked by you. This can be both an energy demand certificate or energy consumption certificate. These illustrate the energy quality of the building with the help of a simple color system.

After the first inspection a second one should follow in any case. For this, it is recommended to choose a different day of the week or the weekend, as well as a different time of day, in order to be able to better assess the "flair" and the sounds of the house. The appointment should be accompanied by a building expert and a close person.

What must be considered when buying a house?

A real estate purchase is a complex matter. Here you acquire not only a property against payment of the purchase price, but at the same time a certain right (ownership of the property) is transferred.


The land register is a limited public register of a district. The legal, ownership and debt relationships of the properties recorded there are noted. Entries or changes in the land register can only be initiated by a notary. In the case of a purchase, the land charge is also entered in the land register as security for the bank. When you buy a property, you or the persons who bought it together are recorded individually in the land register as the new owners of the associated property. Fees of about 0.5 percent of the purchase price are then payable.


A real estate purchase and land transfer are not possible in Germany without a notary. His task is to monitor the real estate purchase for its legality. He draws up the purchase contract and adjusts it accordingly if the contracting parties wish to make changes. The notary serves both the seller and the buyer as a neutral advisor on legal issues relating to the purchase contract. The notary costs in the purchase of a house are about one percent of the notarized purchase price.

Purchase contract

In the purchase contract, all the rights and obligations of the buyer and the seller are listed. These are, among other things, all the important points of the real estate transaction such as payment terms, mortgages, rights of use or the exclusion of liability.... It forms the legal basis, so to speak, and binds both parties to the contract. The selected notary is responsible for the notarization of the purchase contract and ensures that all contractual points comply with the applicable laws. The contract becomes effective upon notarization. However, the transfer of ownership takes place only with the transcription in the land register, the land register entry.


With VON POLL FINANCE you can get advice nationwide regarding the financing of your property. There are many different ways to finance your new home. The ancillary purchase costs, such as notary, land transfer tax, etc., i.e. about ten to 15 percent of the total costs associated with the purchase of the property, should be covered by equity capital. In addition, it is advisable to have about 20 to 30 percent of the purchase price available through saved funds. Our colleagues at VON POLL FINANCE will be happy to help you determine the best offer for you from a comparison of more than 450 banks, savings banks and insurance companies. Find out more here.


Whoever acquires a plot of land or property must pay a one-time land transfer tax, which amounts to between 3.5 and 6.5 percent of the purchase sum, depending on the federal state. The property tax is paid by the buyer. As a rule, this is due one month after receipt of the property tax assessment notice.

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