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14. February 2023
With the turn of the year, many changes come into force. There are new laws and rules predominantly in the tax law, with national supports and for handling energy. Property owners and owners and tenan...
20. October 2022
Does real estate offer protection against loss of value in times of crisis? How do real estate prices develop in phases of high inflation and high interest rates? Specialists are optimistic about the ...
22. June 2022
Living on the water exerts a great fascination on many people - houseboats, floating houses and now even huge, floating properties with everything needed in everyday life. A shipyard shows it to the r...
17. May 2022
A cottage in the countryside is an attractive alternative for more and more Germans. Two-thirds of respondents are seriously considering a move, creating a new trend. Large houses and apartments are p...
22. April 2022
With increasing age of the inhabitants and residents usually also their house or apartment becomes old and uncomfortable. If then also major repairs are pending or the heating must be renewed, it is e...
18. April 2022
The tourism industry has been struggling due to the pandemic during the past two years. However, lack of tourists also made it clear in neighboring areas how important tourism is for the whole region....
03. April 2022
Wood fireplaces are popular. They spread a cozy warmth and create a cozy atmosphere. They can also temporarily serve as a substitute heating, if the central heating should ever fail. Because of the po...
18. March 2022
According to surveys by the Federal Environment Agency, around 60 percent of respondents feel annoyed by neighborhood noise. This includes too loud televisions, party noises, DIY work in the home and ...
09. March 2022
On November 1, 2020, the new Building Energy Act (GEG) came into force. Its purpose is to combine in one place regulations on limiting the energy requirements of buildings that were previously spread ...
01. March 2022
When Karl T. wanted to sell his property after almost 40 years, he naturally already had a rough idea of its value. On the one hand, he still knew exactly how much it had cost at the time and on the o...
26. February 2022
"As much as necessary, but as little as possible!" This is the principle of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). What does that actually mean for the sale of real estate? When a property is ...
12. February 2022
A real estate sale is often accompanied by fundamental changes in life situation. Most sellers have to take care of all sorts of things at the same time and are therefore under time pressure. Then to ...
01. February 2022
You have inherited a property and now want to sell it. A notarized will is not available and therefore no proof of your inheritance. In such a case you need a certificate of inheritance. If there is n...
15. January 2022
The division of a joint property is often a huge challenge for married couples in divorce. Even when both partners are actually in agreement. Selling the property at an early stage can in many cases b...
15. December 2021
Often it is not only difficult to part with the cherished property, but also, for example, to estimate the price of the property correctly or to remain neutral and objective in price negotiations. Pro...
01. December 2021
To sell his house seems easier today than ever before.Not only do well-known online portals offer a public platform for every seller, but they have also taken over functions that were previously reser...
15. November 2021
As an owner, you may think more often about whether you should bequeath your property or rather give it away during your lifetime. Giving away can sometimes have advantages. However, not everyone save...
01. November 2021
Your life circumstances have changed and you are playing with the idea of selling your property. However, you don't want to rush into anything and are waiting for the right time when you can get the b...
15. October 2021
At first glance, the answer to this question seems obvious. After all, real estate is worth a lot in Germany - so who would want to do without it? But whoever inherits, inherits not only assets, but a...
01. October 2021
If couples divorce, the question "Who gets what?" is of essential importance. Especially when it comes to a jointly occupied property, which must now be divided, is often fought with hard bands. With ...
Mark Beyer
Hohenzollernring 73
95444 Bayreuth
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Monday 10:00 - 17:00 
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Mark Beyer [Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH), Certified free expert for real estate valuation (PersCert®)]

Hohenzollernring 73, 95444 Bayreuth
Phone: +49 (0)921 - 73 04 553, Fax: +49 (0)921 - 73 01 478
E-mail: [email protected]

In free commercial agency for the von Poll Immobilien GmbH

Trade license according to §34c GewO issued by the district office Bayreuth

Competent supervisory authority: Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for Munich and Upper Bavaria, Max-Joseph-Strasse 2, 80333 Munich

UID: DE814466884

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Bayreuth welcomes you!

Bayreuth welcomes you!

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Press reports from Bayreuth

Bayreuth Journal, ISSUE November 2020

VON POLL IMMOBILIEN in Bayreuth at the top

The Capital Broker Compass 2020, which the established business magazine has just published in its October issue, gives VON POLL IMMOBILIEN top marks as in previous years. In a comparison of the performance of brokerage firms in 100 German cities, the nationwide and internationally active brokerage house achieved the top mark of five stars an impressive 68 times...


Oberfränkische Wirtschaft, AUSGABE March 2020

With the seal Bellevue Best Property Agent 2020 distinguished

Von Poll Immobilien in Bayreuth was awarded by the real estate magazine Bellevue as Best Property Agent 2020. A six-person jury consisting of renowned profis of the real estate industry and editors had scrutinized the services of the house and found them to be excellent...


Bayreuth Journal, ISSUE December 2019

Five stars for VON POLL IMMOBILIEN Bayreuth

The Capital Makler-Kompass 2019, which the established business magazine just published in its October issue, gives von Poll Immobilien top marks as in previous years. In a comparison of the performance of brokerage firms in 100 German cities, the nationally and internationally active...


Nordbayerischer Kurier, ISSUE November 2019

Five stars

In the Capital Broker Compass, Germany's best real estate brokers are regularly identified with regard to their services around the sale of residential property. In a two-stage process, nearly 1500 brokers in 100 cities were tested in 2019...


Bayreuther Sonntagszeitung, EDITION March 2019

It's all about the broker

Whoever wants to sell his property nowadays quickly comes across the name VON POLL IMMOBILIEN. With over 300 locations the enterprise belongs to the largest broker houses of Europe. It has also been represented in Bayreuth for a long time. Here, Mark Beyer and his colleagues advise...


Oberfränkische Wirtschaft, AUSGABE February 2018

Test winner at Top Broker

It's the broker that counts! The VON POLL IMMOBILIEN store Bayreuth has just been awarded as test winner and top broker of the city. the basis is an analysis, as the market and opinion research company Deutsche Markenallianz GmbH in recent months...