Tourism promotes quality of life in the countryside

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The tourism industry had to fight hard due to the pandemic during the past two years. However, lack of tourists also made it clear in the neighboring areas how important tourism is for the whole region. It promotes the quality of life of all those who have chosen to live rural.

At the beginning of the year, the number of overnight stays by domestic and foreign guests was still below pre-crisis levels. The accommodation establishments in Germany booked in January 2022, according to the Federal Statistical Office, but still already two and a half times as many overnight stays as in January 2021 during the accommodation ban. Compared with the pre-crisis month in January 2020, however, overnight stays were still 39.9 percent lower. Hotels, inns and guesthouses saw the biggest declines. Private vacation rentals fared better. Campgrounds were able to maintain the pre-crisis level of January 2020.

Tourist offers strengthen the quality of life of residents in rural areas.

The pilot project of the University of Applied Sciences of Medium-Sized Business (FHM) "Sustainability and Quality as an Opportunity for Medium-Sized Tourism Providers" dealt with the strengthening of small and medium-sized tourism enterprises, especially in rural regions. Exemplarily above all the municipalities were examined at the national park Eifel as for example Gemünd and in the area of the national park Vulkaneifel, as for example Daun. This revealed the high innovation potential of the tourism service providers. A large number of hotels and inns in the region studied were very committed to developing creative experience offers for their guests.

It became clear that tourism in rural areas significantly strengthens and improves both economic power and quality of life. The tourism activities represent an indirect promotion of the important rural area. They not only promote the tourism industry in isolation, but rather enhance the overall quality of life in rural areas.

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