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Building law in Mallorca is on the verge of profound change

04/03/2024 · Autor: Mallorca llucmajor

Building law in Mallorca

In any case, there seem to be plans. It is becoming apparent that the Balearic government is not only planning an amnesty for illegal buildings, but also wants to fundamentally change the building law on the Balearic Islands, and in particular on the largest island, Mallorca. Under the leadership of Marga Prohens, the Prime Minister of the Balearic Islands, a remarkable change is on the horizon. The government is planning a comprehensive overhaul to bring the outdated 'Ley de Urbanismo' law up to date. Originally, only minor adjustments were planned, but now it looks as though a completely new set of rules could be introduced as early as this spring, which would mean a revolution in building law on the islands. This has been reported by various sources.

A key component of this reform will be the introduction of fast-track building permits. Selected construction companies are to be given the opportunity to have reviewed projects approved by the authorities within a very short period of time. The costs for such express approval procedures will be higher than for the standard procedure, but this should be insignificant for investors. The ambitious project is a direct response to complaints from developers about lengthy approval procedures in some municipalities in Mallorca, which can take up to two years. Entire municipalities have become unattractive to potential investors as a result.

In addition, the government is planning a generous legalization of illegal constructions, probably using a law from 2014 that allows the legalization of illegal constructions under certain conditions. The revised version is expected to focus on more energy-efficient buildings and the use of environmentally friendly systems.

Minister President Marga Prohens sees Valencia as a role model for this ambitious project. There, the express procedure has reduced the waiting time for building permits from 22 to 2 months. But of course there are also critics of the project. Some environmental groups on Mallorca are skeptical about the reform and fear that important environmental aspects could be neglected by outsourcing the review process.

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