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Real estate valuation in Gäufelden for your success

04/04/2023 · Autor: Böblingen


Property valuation in Gäufelden for your success

Property valuation is a key success factor that determines how quickly and at what price you can sell your property in Gäufelden. For such an important matter, therefore, trust exclusively in an expert like VON POLL IMMOBILIEN.

Use the advantages of a professional property valuation in Gäufelden:

  • - Clear overview of assets
  • - Help with decision-making
  • - Faster sales success
  • - Excellent negotiating arguments

There are several reasons why the sale of real estate should always start with a property valuation in Gäufelden. Even if you as a seller have concrete ideas about what the sale of your home, villa or condominium should bring in, this idea often differs from the real market value.

In order not to scare off potential buyers with a price that is set too high, we always advise an expert property valuation in Gäufelden. Our real estate agents are very familiar with the regional market events and create the optimal conditions for a quick and effective property sale.


Let property appraisals in Gäufelden create

An initial assessment of the property value is made using our online-based tools. Depending on various factors such as the location, the size of the house or the number of rooms, we can already perform a rough property valuation for your property in this way. Sometimes, however, official real estate appraisals are required, which can be presented to courts or insurance companies in Gäufelden, for example. For the preparation of such an expert opinion is always a special expertise required, which we are happy to provide.

In the following cases, a real estate appraisal is required:

  • Judicial disputes (eg. Divorce)
  • Property valuation for inheritance in Gäufelden
  • forced auctions
  • Value assessments for tax purposes
  • Value assessment for accounting

Authorized appraisal!

Why determine the property value in Gäufelden?

For owners, it is essential to determine the real property value. Because in contrast to one's own perceptions, a real estate appraisal from an estate agent is always objective. Many owners in Gäufelden are primarily emotionally attached to a house or apartment - they see the effort they put into building a carport or the lines on the wall documenting the children's growth.

But if an object is offered at too high a price, it usually remains on the market for a long time and thus loses value. Therefore, commission us as soon as possible with the valuation of your property in Gäufelden.

Let us value your property!

Use our offer:

  • - First orientation through online valuation
  • - Exact value appraisal on site
  • - Free property valuation
  • - Transparent and individual

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