Professional Services and Marketing for your commercial real estate investment

In addition to brokering residential properties and to fulfill the needs of the market, VON POLL COMMERCIAL is an international consulting and brokerage company, covering both the rental and sale of commercial properties. We offer a comprehensive brokerage service for commercial properties in most of our German and international locations.

Addressing the constantly growing commercial real estate interest, VON POLL COMMERCIAL has assisted investors and property owners with the purchase and sale of commercial properties for several years. Our expertise covers all commercial product types including office and retail space, plots and industrial properties, but also residential and commercial investments.

Whether identifying investment properties with potential, maximizing returns during ownership as well as effectively marketing the property or looking into buying or renting commercial buildings, VON POLL COMMERCIAL offers a wide range of customized real estate consulting services. Besides our presence in major German cities, such as Berlin, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg and Leipzig, our Commercial partners are also expanding to several European countries.

Our services – Your advantages

The key benefit for our investors is the proven market knowledge of more than 1.500 real estate professionals in over 350 locations in Germany and Europe. Thanks to our excellent contacts to owners and companies we effectively match supply and demand creating win-win situations. VON POLL COMMERCIAL implements marketing assignments in a manner that assures the most capable lessees or buyers are brought to the deal in the shortest possible time.

Each commercial real estate transaction is dependent on individual requirements. Our Academy trained real estate professionals have the expertise to provide optimal client solutions by crafting innovative ways to bring together real estate and the capital markets to maximize value. Especially in prime locations, an appropriate return on the capital used provides a sound financial basis for future investments.

One of our special services (in Germany) is a non-binding price estimation of commercial properties which will be done by an independent appraiser (PersCert/WertCert). After a thorough on-site viewing of the property, a professional appraisal will be presented to the owner – the first step for a successful transaction!

Advantages for partners

Office Space

To find the right office in the perfect location is essential to be successful in the industry. Our services for investors offer customized solutions, such as location evaluation, market development and negotiation of lease agreements as well as optimization of current leasing contracts.

VON POLL COMMERCIAL’s focus is conceptual planning and marketing, so that your company can accelerate. Our experienced and highly qualified commercial partners have excellent contacts in the real estate industry, an international network as well as expert knowledge about market dynamics that govern how to most effectively position the client‘s needs. Our marketing activities are accessible for all investors at any time. Our goal is to provide ideal prerequisites for the success of the sale/lease.


Our experienced VON POLL COMMERCIAL experts offer extensive consulting services for retail spaces in top locations. With our local as well as nationwide market knowledge, we are able to know firsthand about vacant spaces or planned projects and can give you strategic recommendations for your business operations. You can profit from our individual and comprehensive concepts to achieve the best results. Competent, reliable and efficient!


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