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Your real estate agent for Salò and surroundings

If you as an owner have ever considered selling or renting your property or you are looking for the right condominium or house to buy in and around Salò - then contact your qualified VON POLL REAL ESTATE brokers.
Our tradition-conscious brokerage house maintains excellent contacts with financially strong interested parties who are looking for property to buy or rent in Salò. Every day, we help our satisfied customers find the property of their dreams in Salò and the surrounding area.
In our VON POLL REAL ESTATE store in Salò, we are at your side with our excellent brokerage services - and also twice in Bolzano and Milan.

This speaks for Salò

Located on the southwestern shore of Lake Garda in a sheltered bay, the 10,000-inhabitant town of Salò embodies the epitome of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Olive and lemon trees and mighty mountain peaks dominate the picture, along with the glistening lake in the sun: a sight that exudes peace and serenity. Despite its privileged position, Salò has preserved its authenticity. Tourism is present, but it has not taken away the beauty of the place. Behind the elegant waterfront promenade is the old town, which boasts numerous designer boutiques. For those who want to enjoy relaxed beach life in summer, there is a long pebble beach. From here, your gaze can roam over the lake and will likely catch a luxury yacht or two cruising across the lake. Along the 'most beautiful sea in Italy', as Lake Garda is also called, life can be celebrated in various ways - for example with exquisite wine from Lombardy, in star restaurants and luxury shopping. There is no question that Salò offers the highest quality of life, which has also attracted many celebrities in the past. Poets and thinkers have found inspiration here and have been enchanted by its scenery. To this day, Salò is also a point of attraction for time travels into the long history of the place, which goes back to the Roman Empire. If you want to go in search of traces, it is best to pay a visit to the Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata, the Museum of Renaissance Art or the Palazzo della Magnifica Patria.

Economy and infrastructure in Salò

As a business location, Salò is primarily characterized by tourism - but not only. Hotels and restaurants provide work for numerous people on site. However, Salò also has an excellent reputation as a production site for exclusive variants of motorcycles, cars and boats. Shipbuilding in particular has a long tradition here. The same is true for wine and olive growing, which finds ideal climatic conditions in the surrounding area and is carried out in the traditional way. How closely in Salò past and future lie together, is also shown by the fact that in recent years around the city some research facilities of renowned technology companies have settled.
As a foundation for all these positive developments acts the good connection to the transport network via the Brenner freeway A22 and the Italian A4. In addition, Salò has a railroad station, from which various parts of Italy can be easily reached. By bus and ferry you can also comfortably get to other towns along Lake Garda.

Property purchase or sale of your house or apartment

You want to buy a house or apartment in Salò? If so, we are sure to find the right property for you in our listings, perfectly suited to your needs and desires. With passion and commitment we arrange suitable properties for our customers - locally and nationally.
You would like to sell your property and place this request in the hands of a competent broker? As a real estate agent and expert in the real estate market in Salò, we are your reliable partner for mediation. The tradition-conscious brokerage house VON POLL REAL ESTATE has excellent references and maintains excellent contacts with financially strong prospective customers who are looking for a property to buy or rent in Salò and the surrounding area.
You are welcome to use our free and non-binding offer for a property valuation. A state-certified expert will then make a professional market price assessment on our behalf, so that you have a first point of reference for your sale.
We look forward to your visit to the VON POLL REAL ESTATE Shop Salò. In addition, we are available for you at many other locations.

With best regards



Client testimonials

Christian Weissensteiner
Largo Dante Alighieri, n.3

25087 Salò
Christian Weissensteiner
Largo Dante Alighieri, n.3
25087 Salò
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