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Mindful living with conscious furnishing

21/09/2022 · Autor: ck

Attention - today often a fleeting state!

Distractions, stress, and a digitally connected world are now indispensable and shape our everyday lives. The focus on more mindfulness resists this dynamic. Now this has also arrived in architecture and interior design. Mindful living is one of the most important interior design trends in 2022 - We have a few tips with which you can easily implement this.

One of the top interior design trends in 2022: Mindful living stands for natural materials and enough space to breathe.

From Mindfulness to Mindful Home (Mindful Home)

It is increasingly difficult for us to focus on the here and now between constant accessibility, deadlines and personal goals. In today's increasingly fast-paced world, it is worthwhile to step on the brakes a little and consciously focus our gaze on ourselves and our environment.

The ideal retreat is your own four walls to shake off the stress of everyday life. The right furniture can help with this furnishing trend 2022. A secret recipe - does not exist: a meditative minimalism can be just as right as natural materials and sustainability, tidy rooms, digital detox or slow design.

We offer the following tips for mindful living as a good starting point for your personal feel-good atmosphere.

Mindful living - here's how

The key to mindful (harmonious) living is to focus on yourself. We do not need to impress anyone with our decor, our furniture, but to direct the gaze into our inner self, our own mood and mental health. This goal can be achieved in different ways.

Create quiet zones

The roots of mindfulness originated in Buddhist currents and mediation and are one of the most important components of it. A separate meditation room, reduced set up for the journey inside, would be ideal for this. If one does not have a free space available, a corner of a room can be used as a retreat, visually separating it from the rest of the furnishings with rugs or room dividers. Here, external distractions are eliminated and the focus is on ourselves. This can also simply be the personal feel-good armchair, a small reading corner or library, the home bathroom as a wellness oasis or simply the spread-out yoga mat or cuddly blanket. The right room acoustics ensure distraction-free attention to the here and now.

Focus with the right light

Few things shape our mood like light. Especially in these times, where the days are getting darker again and we currently anyway focus on saving electricity. Dimmable LED lamps provide a relaxing atmosphere or brighten minds. Light influences our biorhythms. Numerous manufacturers are already focusing on Human Centric Lighting, i.e. lighting that follows the course of the day and is in tune with our hormone levels. A simple candle as a substitute sometimes works equally true wonders.

Innehalten through objects

Reduction to the essentials also means mindfulness. Positive memories, such as pictures of loved ones or places, can thus be supplemented and give us emotional support. Harmoniously shaped decorations or soft pillows can serve this purpose just as well and steer our mood in the right direction.

Furnishing ideas for more mindfulness

A minimalist living concept harmoniously coordinated, offers a good basis for a mindful life. Instead of lots of furniture, create open spaces, minimalist shapes instead of extravagant designs, muted colors instead of distracting patterns. In harmony with the environment provide natural materials and surfaces. Personal style must not be forgotten here, of course, as long as in the truest sense of the word the furnishings give us space for thoughts to come to themselves.

Mindfulness in architecture

Spiritual and religious ways of life are closely linked to the roots of mindfulness and therefore also to architecture. Churches, monasteries and temples are among the most important places of retreat to reflect away from worldly influences. This aesthetic is also returning to current architecture: reduced floor plans with open spaces and large panoramic windows meet intimate retreats, muted acoustics meet meditative geometry. Mindful architecture puts people's inner needs first, followed only by things like functionality or the digitalization of living.

Open spaces and large panoramic windows are increasingly being used in mindful, modern architecture.

Mindful living as a constant journey

In addition to stress and hectic schedules, habit is a common hurdle to mindful living. In the tunnel of everyday life, we must actively counteract it, seeking out moments and places to pause. The Mindful Home, the personal oasis for body and mind, must regularly challenge this force of habit. Even small changes help: different doorknobs, a new lamp, or rearranging an armchair can free us from the daily hamster wheel. When we see different things, feel new surfaces, or take different paths through the home, we rediscover our surroundings in a new way. Mindful living is never complete, but a constant journey to ourselves.

(source Sept. 20022 imm cologne)

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