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The Archbishop of Esztergom also spent his holiday in the villa district of Mátyásföld

18/03/2022 · Autor: Budapest

The Archbishop of Esztergom also spent his holiday in the villa district of Mátyásföld

There is a misconception that only in Buda were grand villas and bourgeois family houses built in the capital. But in Pest, too, we can admire many villas, just think of Mátyásföld, where the old summer residence of the Archbishop of Esztergom is looking for a new owner.

We are well acquainted with Buda's residential districts, the Rózsadomb, the bourgeois apartment buildings of Hegyvidék, Pasare or the magnificent buildings of Svábhegy. But even in Pest, once you leave the bustling city centre, you can visit the many neighbourhoods in the most varied districts. In Újpest or near the Városliget you can find the homes of the old bourgeoisie, as well as in the suburbs of Pest, as the XVI district is known.

This vast area is the meeting place for many family housing estates, such as Sashalm, Cinkota or Mátyásföld. The latter can be considered a rather young district, as it was only in the 19th century that the area was planned and divided into plots to create a new holiday district of Budapest. It is named after King Matthias, who enjoyed hunting in the forests here for a good 500 years.

The first nucleus of the settlement was Ómátyásföld, which was established on the initiative of the Association of Holiday Home Owners on land owned by the Association. In 1888, the local landowners held the inauguration ceremony of the settlement in the King Matthias Inn, which was built at that time, and then the area was parcelled out and the development of the villa estate began.

Later on, more and more houses, streets and districts were built, and in many places we can admire the turn-of-the-century villas whose atmosphere still enchants us today. There are real architectural gems in the Ómátyásföld mansion district (e.g. Veres Péter út, Zsélyi A. u., Újszász u., Nógrádverőce u.), and some of the buildings, restored to their original beauty, are still protected.

The style of the elegant cottages reflects the many stylistic trends of past eras, as we can see eclectic buildings, as well as Alpine cottages with richly carved woodwork, and Art Nouveau villas built in the period of the Age of the Arts.

One of these magnificent villas was once the summer residence of the Archbishop of Esztergom, which has now been put on the real estate market exclusively by VON POLL Real Estate. Built in 1890, the house was completely renovated to a high standard in 2006, while preserving the architectural features of the bourgeois residence. The 12-room property with a total of 721 square meters of useful area is situated on a beautifully maintained plot of 1750 sqm with mature trees.

A special feature of the building is the old-style tower room, which opens onto a large 125 sqm panoramic roof terrace. The villa currently has both office and residential functions, but it can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a family nest, headquarters, company headquarters, bank branch, the possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the future owner.

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