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Energetic refurbishment: reasons, measures, funding opportunities. We clarify!

25/07/2022 · Autor: Bocholt

Topics such as sustainability, energy transition and climate protection are becoming increasingly important in society and politics. For many years now, the EU has been pushing these issues in order to achieve the climate targets that have been set. The war in Ukraine in 2022 has once again clearly shown us how quickly the situation on the energy market can deteriorate dramatically. It can be assumed that politics and business will place even more emphasis on sustainability in the future, in order to increase independence for both property owners and society as a whole, in addition to environmental protection. For energy-efficient renovation, this means that there will be numerous subsidy offers and support - but also more obligations and government regulation for the foreseeable future. Be prepared for it and see it as an opportunity.

In this article, we would like to give you an overview of the complex topic and answer the following three key questions:

  1. Which measures fall under the energetic renovation?
  2. How do I finance the measures and from which subsidies can I make use of it?
  3. Is an energetic renovation worthwhile?

  1. Which measures fall under the energetic renovation?

Generally, it can be said that an energetic renovation is a structural measure on an existing property, which pursues the goal of reducing energy consumption for heating and hot water.

A property is a total system and so you should consider it in an energetic renovation. The individual areas can be energetically renovated separately from each other - or simultaneously as one large measure. As a rule, this is a question of your investment possibilities. Which measures in which combination and sequence make the most sense always depends on the property in question.

The measures at a glance:

  • Facade insulation: Facade insulation is one of the most effective methods for energy efficiency. Insulation of the exterior walls alone can save up to 35 percent of energy costs.
  • roof insulation: Due to its size, the roof of a house offers a lot of attack surface for heat and cold. A good insulation of the roof can quickly save up to 30 percent of the thermal energy.
  • Basement insulation: Compared to other renovation measures, the insulation of the basement ceiling is relatively simple and inexpensive. It is as a single measure a good start in the energy renovation of a property.
  • Windows: Single glazed and partly leaky frames - with manyold windows, heat loss in cold seasons is pre-programmed. Modern windows, on the other hand, work wonders in winter and summer with a low heat transfer coefficient (thermal insulation value). Nowadays, it's not just a matter of whether the window is double or triple glazed. Noble gas between the panes or moisture absorbers in the frame also cause positive effects in many models.
  • Heating: A modern boiler can quickly save up to 20 percent of the energy. However, before installing a new heating system, it is recommended to renew the insulation, so that the heat also remains in the house. In the case of energy-related renovation, heat pump heating systems, solar thermal systems or pellet heating systems are particularly suitable from the point of view of sustainability. Which heating system is best suited for the respective property must, however, always be decided individually and can not be answered in general terms.
  • Ventilation: Since well-insulated properties - to avoid unwanted heat loss - are very airtight, the air is much longer in the room. It is then no longer sufficient to ventilate with the help of the windows. A ventilation system reduces moisture and odor spread, prevents mold and cleans the air.
  • Photovoltaics: Especially in combination with a heat pump - which requires drive current, which can be produced by the photovoltaic system itself - the installation of a photovoltaic system offers a great incentive. In addition, an additional power storage ensures that the solar power generated during the day can also be used at night.

  1. How do I finance the measures and from which subsidies can I make use of this?

First of all, it can be said that most of the investments of the energetic renovation measures will pay off in the long term through their energy savings potential. However, the question should always be asked, which measures are needed in each case, whether the combination of certain measures or even a complete renovation offers itself and what financial resources are available. In addition, use can be made of various subsidies, by which also financially more costly measures come into question. With Förderungen of the KfW exists in the case of the energetic reorganization the choice between the two promotion possibilities: Favorable loans including repayment subsidies or one-time grants without repayment. In addition to KfW, the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) also offers subsidies for energy-related renovation measures. The Federal Subsidy for Efficient Buildings (BEG)is decisive.

Energy-related refurbishments in Germany are also tax-privileged. Since 2020, self-users can thus also benefit from this in terms of taxation. Thus, a total of 20 percent of the costs for energy renovation measures can be deducted (maximum up to 40,000 euros).

In the year of the renovation measure and in the following calendar year, up to 7 percent each (maximum 14,000 euros) can be applied in the tax return. In the third year it is up to 6 percent (maximum 12,000 euros).

Which conditions must be fulfilled for this concretely, you can read up in our councellor to the "energetic reorganization".

It is besides important that tax reductions and national promotions cannot be combined as a rule. Here would have to be checked in each individual case, which of the two alternatives is more worthwhile.

  1. Is an energy renovation worthwhile?

With a professionally implemented energy renovation, you save costs for electricity, heating and hot water in the long term. This is offset by the initial investment. In part, these costs can be sensibly linked with measures to the property that are necessary anyway. In view of the many factors involved, it is not possible to make a general statement about the financial savings potential, and this varies from property to property. Therefore there are also hardly loadable example calculations to this topic.

It can be said however that two thirds of the energy consumption in the household in Germany are allotted to heating. According to the German Energy Agency, a comprehensive energy renovation saves up to 80 percent of the expenses. According to dena, the refurbishment costs can be completely refinanced in the long term through these savings. Which measures make technical sense and are possible in view of the type of building must be determined individually for each property. For this it is advisable to call in an energy consultant, who sets up a respectable calculation with the help of object-specific information of the real estate.

Next to the financial reasons an energetic reorganization increases besides the living and quality of life. A ventilation system, for example, improves the indoor air, reduces the risk of mold and through warm surfaces and lack of drafts, the living spaces become more comfortable.

You would like to learn more about the topic of "energy renovation"?

Then take a look at our guidebook on this topic: www.immowissen-bocholt.de

We are also happy to advise you personally on your questions: 02871/9958980

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