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Assess the market correctly: Is now the best time to sell your property?

16/05/2024 · Autor: Bocholt

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In today's blog post, we would like to take a closer look at determining and recognizing the optimal time to sell a property. What factors are important? How can I prepare myself optimally? What marketing period should I expect?

First of all, when it comes to the best time to sell, it is important to consider both your own needs and the current market situation. The real estate market is constantly changing and is influenced by regional and national factors. Economic developments, interest rates, demographic changes and political conditions can affect supply and demand - and therefore influence the chances of selling.

Market situation vs. personal plans

The individual needs and situation of the property owner should always play a decisive role when deciding whether and when to sell a property. For example, there may be plans for a career-related change of residence or a family change is imminent. Occasions of this kind should be the focus when deciding whether to sell. The fact is: if the property no longer suits your personal circumstances, the time is right to sell.

How long does it take to find the right buyer

But how long does it take to find the right buyer? This depends on the condition of the property and its location, the asking price and the demand on the market. In any case, the marketing period can take several months. The following applies: the more careful the planning, the more successful the result.

With good planning, step by step to the property sale

Preparing for the sale first involves compiling all the necessary documents such as the floor plan, energy certificate, extract from the land register, parcel map, building documents, etc., which usually involves a certain amount of effort to obtain. High-quality photos of the property are also required for the subsequent creation of an informative exposé, as this is the "business card" of the property to be sold. However, the most important basis for a successful sale is determining the current market price - and this is where the expertise of an experienced estate agent who is familiar with the local market conditions and has real estate-specific specialist knowledge pays off. Both are essential for the most accurate valuation possible and a targeted marketing strategy based on this.

Expertise pays off

In fact, there are many reasons to commission an estate agent with the sale. As already mentioned, the marketing process involves many tasks and challenges that often cost more time and nerves than initially assumed. In addition to obtaining documents, obtaining a market-driven valuation, creating an exposé and developing a marketing strategy, there is also the task of arranging viewing appointments and selecting suitable, solvent prospective buyers. If you have a competent partner at your side, you can place all of these tasks, as well as the negotiation of contractual modalities, in their hands.

Conclusion: The right time to sell a property is to be determined individually. It is best to consult an expert who knows how to assess your needs and is familiar with the local real estate market. This will give you a good basis for planning your property sale correctly and making it a success or successes quickly.

For more in-depth information on successful property sales and other property-specific topics, please refer to our free guides at: www.immowissen-bocholt.de

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