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Welcome to Athens

Athens is Greece’s capital with approximately 4,5 million residents. Recognised as the cradle of Democracy and famous for its unique historical landmarks and rich cultural heritage, Athens has a history that spans more than 5000 years. In the modern era, Athens has developed into a modern metropolis, a popular and diverse travel destination, attracting visitors with its rich culture, food and vibrant lifestyle. No other city manages to combine history, culture, facilities, climate and lifestyle, the way Athens does.


Athens is located in the central part of the country, equally distanced from all other major cities and travel destinations in Greece. In recent years and after hosting the Olympic Games in 2004, Athens has modernised its infrastructures with big investments in cultural venues, museums, sports facilities and transportation. Through the port of Piraeus, Athens is also the gateway to the world of the famous Greek islands.

The Athenian Riviera

Athens Riviera, the gorgeous stretch of coastline with its green-blue water, beaches and marinas, provides high quality of life, gives residents a sensation of summer vacation all year long and is one of the best areas to live. Moreover, “Hellenikon Project”, the renovation of the old Athens Airport into a Metropolitan Park, is the largest real estate project in Europe, an investment of 8 billion Euros that will further enhance the face of Athens' seaside.

Great investment prospects

In recent years, the cost of residential property in Greece has been reduced significantly, leading to an increased demand for real estate and presents buyers with a great investment opportunity.


Mr Vaggelis Kteniadis
Amalias Avenue 2-4
10557 Athens

+30 21 60 70 50 15
[email protected]
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V² Development

Amalias Avenue 2-4, 10557 Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 21 60 70 50 15
E-Mail: [email protected] | Internet: www.von-poll.com

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G.E.MI. corporate registration number: 000126565801000

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Vaggelis Kteniadis

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Frankfurt am Main
Trading certificate per §34c GewO by the city of Frankfurt am Main
Supervisory authority: Ordnungsamt, Kleyerstraße 86, 60326 Frankfurt am Main (http://www.ordnungsamt.frankfurt.de)


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