Exceptional villa in exposed hillside situation - Villa Castanyetes Port Andratx

07157 Port Andratx - ESP

Code du bien: 51570215
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 ca. 431 m²
 1.325 m²
 Sur demande
Prix d'achat: Sur demande
Surface habitable: ca. 431 m²
Chambre: 7
House: Villa
Chambre à coucher: 5
Disponible à partir du: selon l'arrangement
Année de construction: 2019
Surface de plancher: ca. 720 m²
Classement énergétique: A
Aménagement: WC Invités, Piscine, Cheminée
Stationnement de voiture: 4 x garage

Description de l’offre

Exceptional villa in exposed hillside situation - Villa Castanyetes in Port Andratx.

A property for people who love the extraordinary, sustainable and in terms of energy efficiency. A house for people with vision.

For Spanish-Mallorcan conditions arises here an extraordinary villa. An attractive, timeless architecture, inspired by Spanish building traditions and regional materials, creates an energy-efficient and sustainable building. It will carry the energy label A. The villa is supplied exclusively with renewable energy and can even be operated independently from the grid by storing electrical energy. At the same time, the building technology is easy to operate via Smart Panels or the I-Phone. The building automation allows remote monitoring. Messages about failures or operational programming are possible.

Let yourself be surprised! From this place, the special design concept, the high-quality architecture and its timeless aesthetics.


With its picturesque bay, Port Andratx is by far one of the most popular residential and tourist resorts in the Mediterranean. A well-equipped yacht club, which has more than 450 berths, as well as numerous exclusive restaurants, lead many visitors to the impressive harbor. Restaurants in a direct beachfront location invite you to enjoy the sea view. In addition to two tranquil beaches, there are (Wellness Resorts) spas and golf courses nearby.


Interiors - Valuable and timeless:
High-carat natural stone in facade and top floors, dark wood-aluminum windows, white plaster and the typical natural stone walls form the material canon of the estate.
All materials have been carefully selected and are processed with great craftsmanship.
Regional references are interpreted in a modern way.

Building characteristics:

Gross floor area: 950 m2
Garage: 235 m2
Basement: 145 m2
Ground floor: 220 m2
First floor: 220 m2
Terrace: 135 m2

Net floor area: 765 m2
Garage: 185 m2
Basement: 119 m2
Ground floor: 183 m2
First floor: 148 m2
Terrace: 130 m2

Stationnement de voiture

4 x garage

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