Stately historic monastery manor with museum and nature park in Esporles

07190 Esporles - ESP

Property number: 51900035
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 1.000.000 m²
  15.000.000 EUR
Purchase price: 15.000.000 EUR
House: Country houses and manors
Occupancy as of: according to the arrangement
Rentable space: ca. 3300 m²
Energy information: At the time of preparing the document, no energy certificate was available.

Building description

The imposing estate has about 100 acres of land, two lagoons and a stream that supplies drinking water. It also has a wonderful botanical garden.

A stately main building with impressive arches, patios and terraces sits enthroned in the middle of the Natural Park, surrounded by other, smaller buildings that are used for various purposes. Historical objects and details, as well as the furniture can be taken over.

The extraordinary country estate can be used both privately and on a commercial basis.

It is currently used as a museum, restaurant and cafe bar with live demonstrations of the island's traditional craft.

This unique estate was transferred from Nuño Sanç to the monks of the Cistercian Order in 1239 to found a monastery and preserve the remains. The monks moved to San Bernat de la Real and the property was acquired by the Vida family; In 1665 it passed to Fortuny. The extension of the house took place in the 17th century.

Today, the emblematic Mallorcan Possessió is an important tourist attraction, based on a museum that collects important elements of the tradition and history of the island of Mallorca.

This property offers so much that we like to convey more information in a personal conversation.


The property is only 20 minutes from Palma.

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