Roof terraces

17/03/2021 · Autor: VON POLL IMMOBILIEN

Roof terraces could not be more different - from small to large and from simple to luxurious: a roof terrace requires its own little furnishing and design concept.

Division and design


Due to the size of most rooftop terraces, it is beneficial to divide each area.
It would make sense to divide them into sunbathing, dining and relaxing. This division is most stylishly created with large planted planters, ornamental grasses or raised beds. Bamboo or small boxwoods are also ideal.
If these are grown half-high, not only is privacy created, but a division is likewise created.

The furniture selection

The furniture selection

Here you have to act individually according to the size of the terrace.
However, special eye-catchers are furniture in larger formats such as daybeds, large lounge furniture, hammocks, large outdoor sofas, swings or beanbags.
Not to be sneezed at are the Hollywood swings - these have long been available not only in the classic and outdated design.

Protected from the sun


The atmosphere of well-being can be increased even more with the appropriate sun protection. It is not only important to protect yourself from the sun, but can also look particularly stylish.
Whether awnings or parasols - these are now available in numerous colors and variations. Here, however, it should definitely be noted that on the roof the wind is stronger than in the garden.
So a sunshade must be fixed with appropriate means.

The atmosphere makes it


Tabletop fireplaces, fire baskets or still large lanterns. The right mood in the evening is best achieved with these accessories.
Of course, appropriate accessories with windbreaks are particularly suitable here, as it can be windy, especially in the evening. Small water pools are also becoming increasingly popular on roof terraces. Planted with small water lilies, they additionally create a vacation atmosphere.